India's First Digital Platform, empowering Training Institutes.

About Us

Gazabjobs Platform was launched during 2021 when COVID’s second wave was rising. The Institutes were shut, unemployment was at its peak and the economy was at risk.

We at Gazabjobs decided to launch our own war on Unemployment and created this unique platform that gives the power of providing jobs to the very institutions who are training and educating youth to become job-ready.

As most of the training institutes, colleges, and job consultants are not digital, their capability to place their students and job seekers is limited. Gazabjobs is one powerful platform that allows any institutes, college, and job consultant to not just provide jobs but manage the career life cycle of their students, alumni, and job seekers, by providing them more training/education, financial products, and better jobs on a continuous basis.

Gazabjobs is revolutionizing the training, education, and job consulting ecosystem by democratizing hiring across thousands of locations in India.

Join the Revolution. Launch your Gazabjobs Platform. Become a Digital Job Provider.

Our Mission

Launch 20,000 Gazabjobs Platforms by 2026, among ITIs, Polytechnics, Vocational Skills Training Institutes, Colleges, and Job Consultants to provide jobs to 10 million (1 Crore) youth. Further, empower our Gazabjobs Partners with financial products, upskilling tools, and better jobs to help their students, alumni, and job seekers to launch, manage and grow their careers throughout life.

How Gazabjobs Works

Gazabjobs enables its retail partners to create and launch their own employment websites with access to thousands of jobs in less than a minute.

GazabJobs is a smart platform. It continuously gathers data on jobs, applications, hiring, and rejection which is enriched and mined using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This enriched data derive unique insights into the Blue-collar & Fresher Jobs market. It also engages job seekers in timely engagements for relevant offers on training, jobs, financial products and so on ,throughout their careers.

Your network’s data is safeguarded by the most robust data security standards, assuring no leakage or compromise.