How the Gazab Jobs Platform showed NSG the path to digital adoption and how it worked with NSG to do more for youth and young talent!

Nail Spa By Gurpreet (NSG) is the pioneer with the latest artificial nail technology. In 2004, NSG opened India's first full-service NSG in Gurgaon, marking the beginning of the nail industry in India. 

In 2011, NSG created an exciting career opportunity as a nail technician for students in India. Since then, the industry has flourished, producing thousands of well-trained nail technicians. Their training is based on U.S. standards and certifications that are recognized worldwide. 

Over the past 16 years, NSG has successfully trained more than 7000 students. Today, students all over India come to them and enjoy personalize

However, there was one wish that remained unfulfilled and every professional academy also wishes for - 100% placement of their graduates.

NSG had been struggling to place its students in jobs for quite some time. Being niche in the nail art technology field, the company was struggling to get its students the kind of publicity they deserved and the kind of job opportunities they deserved. 

Having limited digital knowledge, NSG was also unaware of the opportunity to disseminate and showcase its trained talent through online media to various demographics, verticals and levels of the beauty industry in India and globally. This made their struggle even harder.

After a long struggle, NSG received a glimmer of hope!

One fine day Ms. Gurpreet, President, and Founder of NSG, approached Mr. Dheeraj, Founder of Gazab Jobs, and spoke to him about her difficulties in finding the right placement. 

Mr. Dheeraj answered her with a simple solution, namely the digital platform Gazab JobsNSG was amazed to see how the GazabJobs platform was uniquely designed to solve NSG's job placement problems. NSG has succeeded in launching its own online internship and placement portal that has reinvigorated the placement process, allowing companies around the world to hire their talent and students. Gazab Jobs platform also offers on-the-job training facilities to their students so that companies can hire them and experience their skills first-hand.

Today, NSG is poised to explode in India by creating employment opportunities for all levels from technicians, and instructors & to business owners. Companies from all over the world are knocking on NSG's doors to hire talent, and students are getting more opportunities than ever before. The platform offered by Gazab Jobs also provides these students with short-term courses and expert support so they can showcase their talent in a more refined and in-depth way, further increasing their career opportunities.

It has been truly wonderful and amazing to see how Gazab Jobs's vision of providing the latest technology has merged with NSG's commitment to providing a great career opportunity for its students and increasing their income. Gazab Jobs Platform showed NSG the path to digital adoption and how they can do more for youth and young talent. Today, NSG students are receiving offers from top companies in different cities in India and around the world.

Nail Spa by Gurpreet, Founded by Ms. Gurpreet Seble

Gurpreet Seble is a well-known personality in the Beauty and Wellness industry. She has taught over 7000 students so far and is the founder of Nail Spa by Gurpreet which is one of the most renowned nail spa training institute in the country. They have a good track record of placing their trained students among their network of nail spas in the country.

Gurpreet Seble  // President & Founder