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Educational Institutes

Your Institution's Ranking Depends On The Success Rates Of Students Placed Through Effective Campus Placement.

In this rapidly changing digital age, educational institutions worldwide must adapt to today's digital climate. It is one of the top priorities of any institution to provide students with the best jobs that match their skills and rising expectations.

Whether you are a reputed academy, secondary school, prestigious university or college, Gazab Job Portal provides the right placement solutions for your students, teachers and HOD (Careers and Placement)

Digitalize Your Placements

Conducting an offline placement is always a complex and less effective practice. At Gazab Job, we have made it our mission to digitize internships and placements and provide relevant jobs in top companies to the graduates, alumni and freshers who have left your campus.

See What Makes Educationist Get Up And Running With GazabJobs!

Gazab Jobs is a job portal uniquely designed for educational institutions. It offers a complete digital solution for all placement needs of your students. It’s user-friendly interface and customized design makes it easy for educationists to manage their online business.

Easy Setup

Create a full-featured digital placement portal for your educational institution in minutes! You do not need any technical knowledge to do it; just follow our step-by-step guide and you are ready to go!


We have hundreds of customizable themes and features that can be used with our platform. Choose these modules from our online library according to your needs and design the portal with our Content Management System (CMS).

Dedicated account manager

The platform requires no digital skills and can be used by anyone - your teachers or your administration department. Yet, you get dedicated support from GazabJobs' experts, from training to adding jobs to scheduling online campus placements. The team takes care of everything on your end.

100% Placement for eligible candidates!

As the largest online recruitment portal, Gazab Jobs helps your students gain access to the best talent in the world at the click of a button. You can now turn to leading companies and ask them to post current jobs on your portal and schedule a placement exercise as soon as they receive applications.

Connect Your Institute Website With GazabJobs.

You can also enjoy the possibility to connect your institute website with the GazabJobs portal.

Get Started With 'GazabJobs' Creating A Boon For Your Students!
The online platform provides your students with better opportunities to showcase their talent to leading companies in various industries.

Online interviews

Companies can schedule interviews online, students can select slots based on their preferences, and receive an immediate response.

Better and more effective placements

Students have higher chances of getting placed in different cities in India and abroad with GazabJobs wide ecosystem. The portal also offers upskills and development programmes for students to increase their opportunities.


Students will gain more clarity about the companies that offer different jobs - such as company background, salary, working conditions, and other criteria.