GazabJobs Feature Highlights

Smart Detailed Reporting

As a leader, you need to make strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

Now you have access to detailed and minute information about new hires, job performance, payments, and more - all in the blink of an eye. This is where GazabJobs AI Powered Reporting adds value by providing innovative digital reporting.

#Extremely powerful metrics: Whether it's reviewing applications or screening candidates, key metrics help you make informed decisions across your organization.

#Rich insights: Get intelligent analytics on each job, applicants and their hires, and company statistics - a whole host of rich & comprehensive insights.

#Filters on the fly: Quickly isolate relevant information with ultra-fast filters - segment, sort, and refine data to uncover key insights.

#Visually appealing design: No need to scroll endlessly or dig through complex reports. Information is ready when you need it. And it's all in a beautifully designed format that's easy to use.

Add Jobs in 1 Click

Set jobs with the click of a mouse and get the maximum revenue. It's that simple!

#Add jobs with a single click: The simple yet powerful dashboard allows you to effortlessly select and post job openings at any frequency from the vast network of the GazabJobs ecosystem, and earn money for your services. No more hassle!

# AI-powered backend: The powerful backend automates the entire process and quickly filters the matching positions from GazabJobs ocean of countless skills-based jobs, so you can spend more time swimming in your pool.

There's not much to do. You are done! - Once the jobs are posted, everything happens automatically.

Withdraw Money

GazabJobs wallet makes managing your money simple and automated. You never have to worry about your payments and income again.

With your wallet, you have all your payment needs covered. GazabJobs Wallet is linked to a secured digital payment gateway where you can manage all your transactions.

You can access your transaction history, track all your candidate placement earnings and withdraw money instantly

What You Will Get

As a GazabJobs partner, you will get a fully customized job portal that is packed with great features

  •  Personalized job portal as per your specifications, which can be integrated into your website to make your work easier.
  • Subscription to GazabJobs Bank with access to thousands of job openings in the Back-filled Jobs section.
  • AI-powered resume screening tool that quickly sorts thousands of resumes to find only the most relevant matching candidates.
  • Powerful Candidate Tracker Chatbots to ensure candidate background checks are performed.
  • Access to the most powerful profile verification feature that helps companies meet strict compliance standards. 
  • License to access the latest features such as the video resume that allows candidates to showcase themselves.
  • Access to detailed reports that provides extremely powerful metrics and a whole host of rich and comprehensive insights.
  • Access to the highest payouts in the industry for candidate referrals.
  • Secured digital wallet subscription to manage your money digitally. Receive instant payments in your wallet.

We value our partners and so does the hiring community. We both stand to gain from this partnership and ensure your success!