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  • Personalized Gazab Job Portal
  • Gazab Job Bank
  • Gazab Instant Job List Generator
  • Gazab Candidate Tracker 
  • Gazab Candidate Shortlist
  • Gazab Candidate Evaluation
  • Gazab Easy Apply 
  • Gazab Video Resume
  • Gazab Instant Application Share
  • Gazab Profile Verification
  • Gazab Instant Recommendation Generator
  • Gazab Instant Recommendation Field
  • Gazab Instant Success Update
  • Share of Revenues from Succesful Placements
  • Access to GazabJobs Soft Skill Training Videos
  • 2 Soft Skill Training Session
  • Two 1:1 consultation to grow your placement consultancy business 




  • Personalized Gazab Job Portal
  • Gazab Job Bank
  • Gazab Instant Job List Generator
  • Gazab Candidate Tracker 
  • Gazab Candidate Shortlist
  • Gazab Candidate Evaluation
  • Gazab Easy Apply 
  • Gazab Video Resume
  • Gazab Instant Application Share
  • Gazab Profile Verification
  • Gazab Instant Recommendation Generator
  • Gazab Instant Recommendation Field
  • Gazab Instant Success Update Relationship Manager 
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Listing on Skillskonnect Platform
  • Extra Share of Revenues from Succesful Placements
  • Access to GazabJobs Soft Skill Training Videos
  • 4 Soft Skill Training Session
  • Facilitation of Affiliation with Government Bodies (NSDC and SSC)
  • Invite to 12 GazabJobs Online Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Monthly Insight and Analytics Report
  • 6 1:1 consultation to grow your placement consultancy business
  • Invite to Annual GazabJobs Award Ceremony 
  • GazabJobs Affiliation Certificate
  • Access to Finance Partners for Education Loans, Auto Loans, and Personal Loans for Job Seekers


What is Gazabjobs?

Gazabjobs is an innovative online recruitment platform and your ticket to starting a new business or growing your existing business without spending a lot of time and effort or worrying about large investments.

Gazabjobs offers you the opportunity to launch your own job portal in less than a minute. Yes, you heard it right! It is that simple.

For example, if your company is called XYZ Private Limited, you will have your own job portal, i.e. an entity with your company name!

How cool is that! You can start offering relevant jobs from top employers to all job seekers in your network and start earning good revenue for successfully referred candidates.

Is Gazabjobs suitable for me?

Gazabjobs is a revolutionary platform that is perfect for, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Educational institutions such as academies, colleges, primary or secondary schools, or universities, 
  2. Nursing, professional, secretarial, technical and other training centers, etc.
  3. Training institutes that provide vocational skills.
  4. Foreign language training institutes.
  5. Self-employed job consultants.
  6. Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).
  7. Individuals dealing with a large network of people.
  8. other small businesses and start-ups.

How do I create my own job portal with Gazabjobs?

If you provide some basic information, you can register yourself and launch your job portal. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Enter your details- Your name, your e-mail address, and the name of your organization.

2. Choose a package from the available packages.

3. Choose your billing plan – monthly or yearly.

That's all you need to do!

What additional features do I get with Gazabjobs?

The Gazabjobs Platform is designed to be extremely simple, user-friendly, and useful for everyone. You do not have to worry about having any special technical knowledge to use the platform. 

Below are some of the outstanding features of this platform:


Gazabjobs is affiliated with Razorpay to provide you with a state-of-the-art digital payment system with added layers of security.

It offers you a variety of payment options to choose from for your convenience. You can pay with debit or credit cards to purchase your package or renew your existing package. It also allows you to collect payments from your customers.


You also get access to background check services: we have partnered with the best agencies to provide you with a quick background check, so your candidates can be screened quickly before they apply for jobs.


You will also enjoy some premium features such as: 


This premium feature allows you to create your own business pages with your details on the portal and link them to your own URL.


This feature allows you to schedule a video interview with a candidate, with a simple scheduling function from a third-party service that uses Zoom SDK


You also get access to services like loan assistance, digital marketing, insurance, and more with an ever-growing list through our affiliate programs

What benefit do I get using Gazabjobs?

Your business will surely gain value by using Gazabjobs Portal Solution.

Below are some of the unique benefits you can enjoy by using Gazabjobs Online Platform:

1.The ability to increase your income by referring candidates from your network to top employers.

2. Attract new clients and potential employers with premium jobs in various fields on your job platform.

3. Attract more students and job seekers to your job portal.

4. innovative online job portal helps to build your brand in the market.

5.You can win the loyalty of your potential customers by giving them more relevant jobs. Similarly, you will earn trust of the job-seekers by providing them the highest paid jobs.

What do I get with the Gazab job starter package?

Applicants are always looking ways to enhance their skills, as this is very important for an employee's professional development.

With Gazab Jobs Launch Pad, candidates will get access to a state-of-the-art online learning center that will provide them the opportunity to level up their existing skills and learn new skills for which they will be certified. This will be very beneficial for them in their career growth.

How can I post jobs on my Gazab Jobs platform?

There are three possibilities

1. You can post jobs directly on your Gazab jobs platform. Click on the link to learn the steps.

2. You can also select the jobs from an existing pool of job openings on the Gazab Jobs platform. These jobs are collected from top employers in our wide ecosystem.

3. You can upload jobs from different employers you are already working with.

You can also take the assistance of Gazab Jobs experts who will help you find the right jobs from the top employers listed on Gazab Jobs platform.

What do I get from Gazab Jobs Wallet Feature?

With Gazab Jobs Wallet, you have all your payment needs covered. You can access your transaction history, add or withdraw money from your wallet, and track all your candidate placement earnings.

What can I do with the administration panel of my Gazabjobs portal?

Below you will find the most important functions of your admin panel:

On this page, you can view the details of your profile. You can edit and personalize them.

You can change your password at any time. You can also add an additional layer of security to keep your account secure.

On this page you can see your current/active package and you can also renew your expired packages

You can specify candidates by providing specific search using advanced filter criteria. The system will display the list of candidates matching these criteria.

You can shortlist candidates on the candidate list or candidate details page. Here you can share comments, view the status of each candidate, and send personal emails or internal messages directly to the selected candidate.

On this page you can view all messages sent and received by you.

Here you can find the list of all the jobs created/posted by the different employers.

You can add a new job by providing all the required information on this page. When creating a new job, you can also create a list of questions and attach them to the job. These questions should be answered by each job seeker when applying for that job. Once the job is saved, you can preview how the job would look to job seekers.

On the application tracking page, you can view all applicants who have applied for a particular job and shortlist them, as well as send a message to those applicants.

Click here to learn more about this module.

What additional features do I get with Gazabjobs?

Does your product have a target audience? Does it have benefits? Then you can and should explain those benefits to your target audience on a page like this.

Why do I need Gazabjobs?

If you are in contact with many job seekers in your network, you can use this platform to earn a good income.

If you are a job consultant, then you have the opportunity to start your own digital platform to offer quality jobs to the candidates in your database who are looking for jobs. You can also provide an additional service to your clients by posting their job requirements on your job portal for maximum reach.

You can start earning money immediately and increase your income from this platform.

Can I charge applicants a fee for providing a job?

That is entirely up to you.

Can I offer candidates more than a job?

Yes, we will introduce more products and services for job seekers on Gazab Jobs platforms, e.g., education and student loans, online training, referral services, offers, continuing education, up-skills or cross-skills training, etc.

What role do I have to play to make my Gazab Job portal a success?

You can take maximum advantage of the Gazab Job platform and help make it a success by doing things right. All you need to do is ensure that you post relevant jobs on your job portal and invite your network to register and apply.

Most importantly, help your job seekers complete their profiles and applications so they can improve their chances of finding a job.

How secure is my data?

Your network data is protected by a high-level data security protocol that ensures no data leaks out.

What about the competition? Is it easy for me to get a foothold in this field and create a unique niche for myself in this industry?

You should have no doubts about that! Gazab Job is an innovative online platform that helps others grow their business. The platform is easy to use and offers advanced features that no other contender uses.

We have developed an ecosystem with the largest pool of premium jobs and our unique customer acquisition strategies will help you increase your revenue growth in no time.